On this website our discussions are guided by the following principles:

  • Contributions are welcome from experiences and studies in any religion. We are trying to learn from each other. And we hope – eventually – to be able to make telling comparisons and an overview of general trends.
  • This is an academic discussion forum. We value your opinion on any topic. However, we are helped most by your telling us about your own research (if possible, where published?) and other studies you are aware of.
  • For security reasons we ask you to provide your email address when posting your first comment. This address will no9t be visible on the website, neither will we reveal it to any third party.
  • To save time to participants, we have installed POSTMATIC on our discussion board. If you adopt this facility, replies to your comment will be sent to the Inbox of your email programme. When you respond to such replies on your own email, your answer will automatically be posted on our website.

At the moment we run three discussion strands:

  1. Religion, culture and prejudice against women
  2. Religious ‘texts’ and prejudice against women
  3. Is ‘God’ the cause of prejudice against women? How do we know?