Tips for Academics Contributing to Research Reports in Theology

This wiki is the working area for the academics who have registered to contribute to the collaborative Theology Reports organized by the Wijngaards Institute for Catholic Research (WICR). Those reports are run as an open process and are viewable by the general public. However, only registered academics have access to edit the wiki content. Below is some information on wiki editing specific to academics.

If you are an academic, you are welcome to visit this site and engage in any discussion by entering your comments on the discussion tab of any wiki page. We also invite you to share relevant web sites, reports, and examples by sharing them on the official WICR Reports Facebook page.

Registering and Logging into the wiki (for Panel Members and academics)

You will first need to register to this website here. You will then receive an email with a link to activate your account. If you have not received the email, please contact us by emailing or calling the main WICR office at +44 1923-779-446.
To login please go here.

Editing the Wiki Report

Your tasks as part of the expert panel include adding to the content of the wiki pages on this site. For any page  you are working on, look for the Edit tab located on the top right side of the page, below the header photo but above the title of the report in question (please see picture below – click on it to zoom in).



Clicking on the Edit tab will launch the wiki editor. You will then be able to edit the page almost as you would a word processing document, using the tools on the toolbar. You can find a comprehensive guide to editing at The list of academic reports currently open for editing is available here.

Here are a few tips pertaining to working on the theology reports:

  • We ask that when you add some new content to the wiki pages, you annotate what you’ve added with a “signature” for your contribution. Just write your initials and surname within a set of square brackets, like this [J. Wijngaards].
  • If you just list a URL in the text you are writing, it is automatically converted to a link.
  • Use the Preview button in the editor if you want to review your work before publishing it, but be sure to Save when you are done.
  • This wiki has easy to use tools for adding images, and you can even embed video clips.
  • If you are editing a bullet list like this one, pressing RETURN/ENTER creates a new bullet. If you just want to put a single line break, press SHIFT-ENTER.