Genocide of Women in Hinduism by Sita Agarwal. Ch. 7. Example of Hindu Gods

Much has been written about the sub-human treatment of women in Hinduism, and how the `sacred’ scriptures sanction the most barbarian treatment of women ever known. Another justification given for the suppression of women in Hinduism is the harsh treatment meted out to them by the `great’ gods of this `fabulous’ faith. 


Many of the real-life passages of Rama’s life are also preserved in the Ravayana, an oral history of the Dalits. This version also accredits Rama with killing his own father. This epitome of a god was nothing but a coward who cut off womens’ noses and murdered his enemies by striking from the back. After he brutally murdered Ravana this traitor burnt the city of Lanka, killing all the thousands of innocent women and children in it. These are only a few of the sadistic crimes against humanity committed by this butcher. 


The main reasons for forming the insidious religion of Brahmanic Hinduism was so that the white male Aryan followers of this religion could satisfy their desires with their own as well as the enslaved black Sudra women. Later the lecherous Brahmin men transformed Vedism into Vaishnavism (which represents 75 % of all `Hindus’) and abrogated to themselves the right to sexual enjouyment of all races, while other men were forbidden access to Brahmin women. 

One of the main examples of this wonderful treatment of aboriginal women is the `great’ god Krishna himself. He raped the Black Sudra women, namely the low-caste cowherdesses or gopis on a massive scale. These ghastly deeds were later distorted into a benign love story by the fraud Brahmins in order to whitewash Krishna’s crimes. 


As I have already proved in the previous chapters the Vedas justity treating a women as nothing but an object for forced labour, child-rearing and fuel for fire or money-making (through Vedic dowry). 

In fact, every Brahmin is said to be a manifestation of Brahma [ cite ] hence they have to follow him in every respect ! 

The legend of Brahma and Sarasvati is given in the following Vedic texts ( Spellman, p.28 ): 

  • Aitareya Brahmana.III.33 
  • Satapatha Brahmana.I.7.4.1ff; XIV, 4.2.1ff; 
  • Matsya Purana.III.32 ff; 
  • Bhagavata Purana.III.12.28ff. 

The Vedas enjoin incest as a kind of marriage. This fact was utilised by Brahma when convincing Sarasvati (also known as Padma) to succumb to his unlimited lust : 

" 8. On seeing his beautiful daughter Padma, Brahma was sexually excited. He wooed his daughter and wanted to copulate with her. How could a daughter give consent to her own father? Padma refused. Brahma could not give up his desire. He began to quote the Vedas to convince her that there was nothing wrong in having sex with anyone, anytime, anywhere for the sake of giving birth to a child. "  ( Puran ) 

This is the Vedic verse Brahma quoted to justify incest : 

Mathara Mupathya, susara Mupatithe, Puthrartheetha.

Sagamarthi, Napathra loka, nasthee thath.

Saravam paravo vindu ha, dasmath Puthrar tham. Matharam suransathee Rehathee 

( Vedas, cited in Puran ) 

Translated this verse means  " This is the sanskrit sloka Brahma quoted to his daughter. The sacred verse enjoins, that for the sake of a child one can enjoy her own sister or daughter, without any sin attached to it.  ( Puran )" 

Yet, the Brahmins give some strange `justifications’ for this act, in order to fool the non-Brahmins into practicing incest and destroying their race forever : 

"Brahma followed Savitri [ Sarasvati ], married her, and they lived together in a lotus for one hundred years. The Purana [ Matsya ] then points out that no question arises regarding prohibited acts of the gods since they do not reap the fruits of their karma (actions) as do mortals. A further justification of Brahma’s action is given by noting that Brahma is the lord of the Vedas and Savitri is the goddess of the Vedas. They therefore are inseparable, and to unite the Vedas with the sacred prayer can surely be no evil." 
( Spellman, p.30 ) 

Brahma was not satisfied by visiting the many prostitutes and had to marry his own daughter. Incest being sanctioned in the `Holy’ Vedas, she was more than happy to marry her father. What a great father Brahma was, a model for all Brahmin fathers ! 

Indeed, Brahma served as the model and justification for the terrible Devadasis system. This was the instutionalised mass rape of Black Sudra women by lecherous Brahmin men. The huge Vishnu temples served as massive brothels in which thousands of Sudra women were forced into prostitution. Not only that, the money they earned was all eaten by the Brahmins ! The Vishnu temples of Brahmanism served as an open sex market with the Brahmin men as pimps and Sudra women as the merchandise. What a fantastic religion indeed !

And in this, Brahma merely served as the role model of the mad, raping Brahmin whose lecherous sexual appetite knew no bounds.